CNC & Machine Controls

Meet the Automation That Makes Machine Tool Automation

A new manufacturing cell at Mazak’s North American headquarters is one part machine tool production unit and one part demonstration facility. And it’s here to provide a lesson about how automation can tackle skilled-worker shortages and supply chain issues at the same time. 


New Applications for Electrochemical Grinding

With advances in control, sensor and automation technology, electrochemical grinding is more accurate and productive than ever, opening up new applications for the traditionally niche process.


Advancing Cutting Tool Production with Electrical Discharge Grinding

A wider power range and new erosion control features enable users of ANCA’s EDG machines to more quickly produce cutting tools that last longer.


Challenges Reveal Value and Vulnerability of Small Machine Shops

Small business ownership is conducive to the kind of oversight and commitment that serves machining well, but small business also relies on the support and commitment of enterprises around them.

Milling Tools

Ceramic End Mill Achieves Long Life and High MRR at Standard Machining Center Speeds

Material advances have produced a ceramic end mill that performs well at lower cutting speeds and competes with carbide in a broad range of applications. Your shop might begin using ceramic tools.


The Case for Automatic Door Operation

Automatic door systems for stand-alone machine tools require periodic inspection and maintenance, but excel in environments with automation capability or frequent door use.


Made in the USA – Episode 6: The Way Forward

So far, Made in the USA has looked into system-wide effects of broken supply chains, automation, skilled workforce issues and our perception of manufacturing jobs — examining each topic through a prism of individual experiences. For this final episode for Season 1, let’s look at one more system-wide question and bring it back to personal perspectives: Is there today a new dawn, a new moment for American manufacturing?


Clamping Solution Facilitates Large-Part Vertical Machining

Mitee-Bite Products’ fixtures demonstrated their powerful clamping support in a project with Akron Gear & Engineering to vertically hold a 1-ton ring during machining.

Shop Management Software

Cybersecurity Becomes a CNC Machining Prerequisite

Management software and information technology partner services prove their worth amid the rollout of defense industry requirements. 

Shop Management Software

ERP Becomes a Communication Tool

Enterprise resource planning software modules provide at-a-glance understanding of job priority and location between departments as pandemic restrictions disrupted collaborative working environments.