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Published: 1/17/2020

Weep Not, Waterjet Machine. Predictive Maintenance is Here.
The versatility of waterjet cutting is well known, but its reputation as a maintenance intensive technology holds it back. Predictive maintenance may change that. 

Published: 9/2/2019

Replacing Manual Labor with CAD/CAM-Powered Laser Cutting
Manual box-section steel cutting took days and was inconsistent in quality. A laser machine powered by Radan software has reduced component fabrication time from days to hours.

Published: 3/22/2019

March 2019 Product Spotlight: Laser and Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on laser and waterjet fabrication technologies.

Published: 11/10/2018

Waterjet Blasts Away 2D Tedium
A shop finds an alternative for work that does not require advanced CNC machining centers or high levels of moldmaking expertise.  

Published: 8/10/2018

Omax Celebrates Anniversary, New Products at Open House
The manufacturer of waterjet cutting solutions marked its 25 years in business with demonstrations of its products, including new additions that have enabled the company to expand its reach.

Published: 3/29/2018

March 2018 Product Spotlight: Laser and Waterjet
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on laser equipment and waterjet machinery.

Published: 11/3/2017

The Personal Waterjet Cutting System Is a Natural Development
Much like what is happening with desktop 3D printing, Omax has developed a way to bring the versatility, capability and simplicity of waterjet cutting to a broader spectrum of users.

Published: 9/22/2017

Nozzle Technologies Speed Fusion Laser Cutting, Reduce Gas Consumption
Two nozzle designs developed for fusion laser cutting are said to boost feed rates by 100 percent and reduce nitrogen gas consumption by as much as 70 percent.

Published: 4/10/2017

Probing Alternatives for EDM: April 2017 Digital Edition
The latest issue of Modern Machine Shop breaks down part probing options for different kinds of EDM equipment, investigates why the automotive market is so strong and more.

Published: 3/13/2017

Fiber Laser Markers Do Much, Much More
Fiber laser technology is not just for marking—used properly, it can alleviate the burden on milling, EDM and welding equipment.