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Published: 6/26/2015

Getting Acquainted with Scott Fosdick
Scott is the new head of Market Region Americas for GF Machining Solutions, the brand that includes Agie Charmilles (EDM and laser texturing), Mikron (high-performance milling), System 3R (automation and tooling) and Leichti (five-axis milling machi...

Published: 6/17/2015

2 Minute Video: Advantage of Twin-Pallets/Dual-Station Vises
This short, simple video demonstrates one way to maximize spindle up-time using a pallet-changing VMC.

Published: 6/15/2015

Video: Vertical Machining Centers at Taylor Guitars
Equipment most of us associate with metalworking is used in this famous guitar maker’s production woodworking application.

Published: 6/8/2015

Video: Manufacturing of the Machined Direct Drive Drum Pedal
Music-industry manufacturer DW Drums discusses in-house production, machining of its new pedal design and working with extruded parts.

Published: 3/27/2015

Secrets to the Art of Hand Scraping
Hand scraping of mating surfaces on a machine tool enables the surfaces to be flatter, more accurately aligned, longer wearing and freer to glide across one another. No automated or mechanical operation can match these benefits. Machine builder Okum...

Published: 3/20/2015

Bloodhound Fin Support Machined with Vortex
Machining strategy contributes to 40 percent cycle time saving on large five-axis aluminum part.

Published: 3/16/2015

Video: Robot Changes Vise Jaws for Continuous Machining
If a robot can load and unload parts, why can’t it do the same for workholding? Here is video of a robot changing the vise jaws so the same machining center can run different operations in unattended machining.

Published: 3/6/2015

Video Highlights Value of Pedestal Workholding
For multi-axis machining, a good workholding fixture gets the part away from the worktable surface, yet holds the part securely for aggressive machining. This video shows a dovetail pedestal doing this job in a 3+2 application.

Published: 3/5/2015

Product Slideshow: Machining Centers
The March issue includes a spotlight section on machining centers. Click through the slideshow to learn more about these machines and others.

Published: 2/17/2015

Large Machines and Capacity in Renovated Pfronten Facility
DMG MORI hosted its 20th open house earlier this month in Pfronten, Germany. The event featured 76 machine tool exhibits, including four world premieres, and nearly 8,800 attendees had the opportunity to tour the recently renovated and expanded faci...