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Published: 11/9/2019

The Tie Between Technology and People
Top Shops data analysis shows that investment in employees more directly correlates to profit margin than investment in equipment. Still, careful consideration of new technology matters.

Published: 11/4/2019

Getting More with Digital Indicators
Today’s digital indicators are not only replacing dial indicators in some instances, but they are also approaching the performance of bench amplifiers at a fraction of the cost.

Published: 10/16/2019

Product Spotlight: Measurement and Inspection
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on technologies for part measurement, tool setting and machine inspection. 

Published: 10/9/2019

Taking A Reading on Gages
Are we taking advantage of the vast amounts of dimensional information that a gage or hand tool can produce? Certainly not if the information presented on the gage display reads only “over,” “under” or “good.”

Published: 10/7/2019

A New Quality Standard You Need to Know About
The Quality Information Framework (QIF) helps connect product data with process data in emerging data-driven environments.

Published: 9/17/2019

Setup Options for Swiss Automatic Lathes
A hydraulic chuck and a counter-balanced centering tool, originally developed as in-house solutions, are now available to address the limited working space that is common in Swiss machining.

Published: 9/13/2019

Hitting the Zone with Five-Axis Machining
By investing in five-axis machining technology, Advance CNC Machining has done more than just add new capabilities to its roster. It has found a way to achieve something that most of us strive for: a way to work “in the zone.”

Published: 9/10/2019

3D Printed Fixtures Speed Setup for Inspection
3D printed fixtures enable this company to quickly set up parts for CMM inspection, whether it's a one-off or recurring job. 

Published: 9/9/2019

Ask Questions About Surface Finish Call-outs
All the details of the measuring process must be uncovered.

Published: 8/27/2019

Fast Part Inspection Enables Quick Turnaround
Renishaw probes, used both on and off the machine tool, helped Tridan Engineering turn a Rally car part in just 17 days. It previously would’ve taken months to complete and inspect.