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Published: 5/21/2019

Maintaining an Air Gage System’s High Performance
Tight, clean and dry: The requirements of air gaging aren’t very different from mechanical gaging.

Published: 4/1/2019

Measuring Tools Basics: Faster and Better
In a high-volume production environment, the cost of inspection is related to the speed with which measurements can be made and interpreted.

Published: 3/15/2019

Measurement for True Surface Analysis
Optical metrology is providing more information, faster, about surfaces that were once impossible to measure and understand.

Published: 3/14/2019

Manufacturing News of Note: March 2019
Orbex contains largest single-piece rocket engine to be made with additive manufacturing, Absolute Machine Tools is owned by the employees, and other industry news. 

Published: 2/25/2019

Why QC Inspectors Should Consider Gaging Fixture Spring Rates
All fixtures for part gaging will have some amount of deflection or spring rate that can affect measurement accuracy. A better understanding of spring rate can enable quality control inspectors to detect and eliminate this possible error source.&nbs...

Published: 1/22/2019

Setting a Roughness Goal and Meeting It
Subjective surface finishes have no place in today’s high-precision manufacturing environment.

Published: 1/21/2019

Industry News of Note: January 2019
MachineMetrics raises $11.3 million in financing, Vero Software rebranded under Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and other industry news.  

Published: 1/14/2019

January 2019 Product Spotlight: Measurement and Inspection
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on equipment used for measuring and inspection, including gaging and tool setting. 

Published: 12/31/2018

Dial vs. Test Indicators
Dial and test indicators are close cousins. They are both mechanical magnifying devices used for dimensional comparison.

Published: 12/13/2018

Quality Inspection Software Platform Improves Departmental Efficiency
B&B Airparts needed to provide quality control for all four of its manufacturing departments without a bottleneck forming at the end. Verisurf Software, with its Universal CMM software solution, has improved departmental efficiency by 30 pe...