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Published: 9/13/2019

Hitting the Zone with Five-Axis Machining
By investing in five-axis machining technology, Advance CNC Machining has done more than just add new capabilities to its roster. It has found a way to achieve something that most of us strive for: a way to work “in the zone.”

Published: 9/10/2019

3D Printed Fixtures Speed Setup for Inspection
3D printed fixtures enable this company to quickly set up parts for CMM inspection, whether it's a one-off or recurring job. 

Published: 9/9/2019

Ask Questions About Surface Finish Call-outs
All the details of the measuring process must be uncovered.

Published: 8/27/2019

Fast Part Inspection Enables Quick Turnaround
Renishaw probes, used both on and off the machine tool, helped Tridan Engineering turn a Rally car part in just 17 days. It previously would’ve taken months to complete and inspect.

Published: 7/25/2019

Closing the Loop for Better Gaging
Gages and measuring instruments come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it be a snap gage, a bench stand, a surface-finish gage or even a form system, keeping the “measuring loop” as small or as short as possible is important for bet...

Published: 7/1/2019

The Versatility of Snap Gages
The many design modifications available in snap gages enables them to measure some of the most difficult dimensions, right at the point of manufacture.

Published: 6/25/2019

Inspection System Helps Company Meet Short Lead Times
Even after buying new fast machine tools, inspection remained a bottleneck for BCI. A digital video inspection system from Starrett is increasing this company’s inspection throughput and helping it get parts to its customer on time. 

Published: 6/20/2019

Industry News of Note: June 2019
This month: Hexagon breaks ground in Detroit, Xometry lets users search and buy Mitsubishi cutting tools, Gosiger lays plans for 2019 exhibition, and other industry news. 

Published: 6/13/2019

There’s a Micrometer for That
Match your micrometer choice to your specific machine shop needs.

Published: 5/21/2019

Maintaining an Air Gage System’s High Performance
Tight, clean and dry: The requirements of air gaging aren’t very different from mechanical gaging.