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Published: 10/30/2018

Buying a Coordinate Measuring Machine: CMMs Past and Future
While there has been much speculation that CMMs are becoming obsolete, the opposite is true. 

Published: 10/30/2018

Mitutoyo Celebrates Re-Opening of Cincinnati Solutions Center
The company held a ceremony at the remodeled M3 Solutions center, which was also expanded to make more space for its Custom Solutions division.

Published: 10/10/2018

October 2018 Product Spotlight: Measurement and Inspection
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on various inspection and measuring machines and equipment, much of it on display at IMTS 2018. 

Published: 10/2/2018

Less Is More with Dial Comparators
Why use a dial indicator with more than the needed range? A dial comparator offers less risk of misreading the dial without the cost of an electronic gage. 

Published: 9/25/2018

Optical Micrometer Serves Bearing Maker as Alternative to CMM, Comparative Gaging
Over the decades, this bearing manufacturer has successfully created a variety of roller bearing products. However, with many products comes many part geometries that have to be measured with high precision. Optical micrometry has proven to be a pre...

Published: 9/23/2018

Micrometers – Shifting into High Gear
Over time, the basic handheld micrometer has evolved to include numerous contact point configurations and digital electronics. But in 150 years, the micrometer is still one of the most popular and versatile precision measuring tools on the shop floo...

Published: 8/26/2018

Managing Cutting Tool Resources Through Shopfloor Connectivity
A manufacturer of cutting tool measuring equipment says that by using the data already available from devices such as tool presetters and vending systems, shops can easily establish an effective “smart” tool management system.

Published: 8/11/2018

CMM Inspection Aided by 3D-Printed Fixtures
Cincinnati Inc. has found that 3D-printed fixtures save money and effort in the inspection process for intermediate to complex machined parts.

Published: 7/25/2018

The Modular Multi-Gage Concept
Modular, multi-gage measuring devices work with a wide range of workpieces and and are ideal for short-run production in which flexibility and change-over are key.

Published: 7/16/2018

Software Helps NASA Automate Robot Programming Process
A process being developed by the NASA Advanced Composites Project uses software to help automate the programming of collaborative robots for safe inspection of composite fuselage components alongside workers, providing more consistent results.  ...