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Published: 6/5/2019

Artec Studio 14 Features Enhanced Functionality for Quality Inspection
Artec Studio 14 performs quality inspection with features such as expanded CAD/CAM functionality and Artec Micro integration.

Published: 6/5/2019

Master3DGage with Verisurf Performs First-Article Inspection and Reporting
The Master3DGage development team has introduced the third generation of Master3DGage, a portable rapid 3D inspection and reverse engineering product powered by Verisurf.

Published: 6/4/2019

API's Swivelcheck Validates Machine Tool Rotary Axis Performance
The API Swivelcheck measures and calibrates machine tool rotary axes, tilt tables and pendulum axes, validating rotary axis performance.

Published: 6/4/2019

LK Metrology Multi-Sensor CMM Inspects Complex Components
A flexible, multi-sensor probe system for tactile scanning, non-contact inspection and surface finish measurement is on a five-axis CMM that is providing performance across manufacturing environments. 

Published: 6/2/2019

Heidenhain Quadra-Chek 2000 Used for Complex Measurements
Heidenhain’s Quadra-Chek 2000 evaluation unit is designed for everyday measuring and metrology tasks in pars inspection applications.

Published: 6/1/2019

Verisurf Master3DGage Enables Increased Efficiency
Verisurf’s Master3DGage portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering solution enable machine shops to increase efficiency, improve part quality and reduce scrap.

Published: 5/31/2019

Diamond Styli from Q-Mark Effective for Probing Hard, Abrasive and Soft Materials
Q-Mark’s diamond stylus, offered in all standard thread sizes and configurations, can be used when measuring hard, abrasive or very soft surfaces.

Published: 5/28/2019

Wireless VOTS 90° from Marposs Avoids Transmission Interference
Marposs has expanded its TS line of contact tool setters with the VOTS 90° optical-transmission probe for use on vertical machining centers.

Published: 5/24/2019

LK Metrology's Altera Scantek 5 CMM Gathers 4,000 Data Points per Sec.
Coupled with Renishaw’s Revo-2 multi-sensor scanning system, LK Metrology’s Altera Scantek 5 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) performs five-axis inspection for dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

Published: 5/16/2019

Marposs Optical Tool Setter Saves Machining Space
Marposs’ TS line of contact tool setters has expanded with the addition of the VOTS 90-degree optical probe for use on vertical machining centers.