Coolant Filtering System Delivers A Clutch Performance

Sludge and grit in contaminated coolant can build up in the moving parts of machine tools and increase component wear, adversely impacting productivity. Faced with rising maintenance costs and increased machine downtime, this manufacturer of automotive components found a solution in a coolant cleaning system developed by Mayfran International.

Chip Control With Coolant

Directing high pressure coolant under the chip in turning applications can improve cutting rates, tool life and surface finish.

Cutting-Edge Cutting Oil

This shop sought after a lubricant that would eliminate the drawbacks of oil, upgrade the overall quality of production and save money by reducing tool changes. It found Picocut Code Blue by Pico Chemical Corporation as the answer to its problems. This oil was developed in response to customers’ requests for a chlorine-free oil that can replace older technology products, but at the same time, meet the need for longer tool life, higher production speeds and improved finishes.

Beat The Heat With High-Pressure Coolant

In lieu of traditional flooding measures, multitasking machine operators can use high-pressure coolant strategically to improve chip control and tooling life while enhancing overall productivity.


Automatic Monitoring And Adjustment System Matches Coolant Pressure To Tool Needs

Sponsored by Okuma. Custom software has been developed to automatically identify the tool currently in a machine's spindle and adjust the coolant pressure to the appropriate level.

A Cool Way To Cool

With increasing regulations on handling and use of metalworking fluids, the industry needs to look at other options to help resolve the contradictions between the need for cooling lubrication and the requirements for cleaner, safer technology.

Efficient Operation With High-Pressure Coolant

Manufacturers spend millions of dollars on liquid coolants each year to help machine tools cut metal more efficiently. In many cases, however, the effect of this coolant could be greatly enhanced—in some applications by 100 percent or more—by using a high-pressure coolant delivery system.