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Published: 11/16/2019

Oelheld Adds Entry-Level Option to Sintogrind Series of Grinding Oils
GTL technology converts natural gas into high-quality liquid products that otherwise would be made from crude oil.

Published: 10/15/2019

Exair's Mini Cooler Provides Cool Air at Two Points
Exair’s Mini Cooler with dual-point hose kit provides a stream of 20°F (-7°C) cold air to prevent heat buildup, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Published: 7/29/2019

MP Systems' Purge Keeps Machine Tool Coolant Tanks Clean
Westec 2019: MP Systems will display its Purge coolant filtration system designed to keep a CNC machine tool’s coolant tank filled to  maximum capacity with clean coolant.

Published: 7/19/2019

LNS' ChipBlaster Improves Chip Evacuation and Tool Life
EMO 2019: LNS America’s ChipBlaster line is comprised of high-pressure coolant systems, coolant chillers and cyclonic filtration systems. 

Published: 6/24/2019

Oberlin's Olimin8R Prolongs Coolant Life
Westec 2019: Oberlin’s Olimin8R is a small CNC machining pressure filter for continuous, side-stream filtration of a single CNC machine sump.

Published: 3/6/2019

Filtration Unit Prevents Chip Buildup in Coolant Tank Circulation
Eastec 2019: MP Systems has launched a coolant filtration system designed to prevent chips from accumulating inside a machine tool’s coolant tank

Published: 3/5/2019

Coolant Mist Collector Combines Centrifugal Separation with HEPA Filtration
Eastec 2019: Edge Technologies will exhibit the Vortex AF water-solubale coolant mist collection system designed for machine tools performing wet machining operations.

Published: 3/5/2019

Clear Metalworking Fluid Engineered for Easier Part Cleaning
Eastec 2019: Synergy 735 metalworking fluid from Blaser Swisslube is crystal-clear, water-miscible and oil-free, engineered to leave spotless surfaces that are easier to clean.

Published: 2/25/2019

Castrol XBB Lubricant Designed for Aerospace
PMTS 2019: Castrol expands its XBB range with the Hysol SL 45 XBB.

Published: 2/10/2019

QualiChem GTL-Based Oils Offer High Relative Flash Points
PMTS 2019: QualiChem offers more than 30 different GTL-based oils in a variety of viscosities and additive packages for use in numerous machining and turning operations.