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Published: 3/21/2008

Coolant Filtering System Delivers A Clutch Performance
Sludge and grit in contaminated coolant can build up in the moving parts of machine tools and increase component wear, adversely impacting productivity. Faced with rising maintenance costs and increased machine downtime, this manufacturer of automot...

Published: 11/20/2007

Cutting-Edge Cutting Oil
This shop sought after a lubricant that would eliminate the drawbacks of oil, upgrade the overall quality of production and save money by reducing tool changes. It found Picocut Code Blue by Pico Chemical Corporation as the answer to its problems. T...

Published: 5/16/2006

Effective Filtration Adds Machining Hours
Sussek Machine says its expertise extends beyond what one might expect of a traditional job shop. Off-highway equipment OEMs comprise a large portion of the shop’s clientele, as the company machines steering arms, knuckles, shifter forks and other c...

Published: 3/22/2006

Synthetic Coolant Shines In Shop-Wide Applications
TNS Machining (Muskego, Wisconsin) is both a prototype and production machining job shop. After working in the machining industry for many years, Thomas Rowinski, Jr. and his sons started this business in 1981 because they wanted to provide customer...

Published: 1/18/2006

Separator Solves Tramp Oil Dilemma
Debco Machine, Inc. (Natick, Massachusetts), a job shop specializing in precision components from aluminum, plastics and stainless steel, was faced with what it characterized as a particularly demanding requirement for tramp oil removal from the sum...

Published: 4/22/2005

Coolant Change Eliminates Foul Odors
Coolants are often problematic for many companies, even in cooler environments. For companies situated in warm, humid climates, problems with sump life, coolant odor, dermatitis and rust can be especially difficult to combat.

Published: 1/18/2005

Pump/Filter Unit Eliminates Sump Clogging Problems
Because of the volume of relatively small parts running steadily in the machine, one shop's concentration of small chips and fines in the oil increased rapidly. To address the problem, the company purchased a pump/filter unit.

Published: 8/10/2004

New Cutting Fluids Improve Part Finishes, Surface Speeds And More
After switching to a new cutting fluid, this company not only realized the change provided better parts finishing, but also longer fluid life, which saved the company money.

Published: 11/1/2003

Vegetable Oil Improves Machining Of Medical Devices
Production management at this shop speculated that many of the materials used and operations performed might benefit from the higher level of lubricity characteristic of vegetable oils. Any consequent additional capacity and tool life would be a plu...

Published: 5/15/2003

Fixing Smelly Corroding Coolant Sumps Pays Off For Injection Mold Maker
As this company grew and the machine shop expanded, odor and corrosion started to gain the upper hand.