Understanding Micro-Milling Machine Technology

Micro-milling can be a companion process to turning-based production machining. This article looks at some of the technologies that go into a micro-milling machine and why they are important to successful operation.


Easy Does It

This shop specializing in small-scale parts says successfully machining tiny features into tiny workpieces is less about technology and more about technique.


Economies Of Scale

Medical implant work is not just small in terms of workpiece sizes. Lot sizes and lead times can also be small when the product is still under development. To compete for implant work, this shop aims to offer cost savings in the face of all of this smallness.

High Speed Spindles For Swiss Machining

This article discusses the use of high-speed spindles in Swiss machining applications. Sufficient rotational speed is necessary to take advantage of tooling materials in small diameter cutters.


Micro "Turning" Using Wire EDM

A high speed rotary spindle allows a wire EDM unit to turn round parts with diameters as small as 0.002 inches to a finish of 0.2 Ra while maintaining accurate concentricity.

Could You Repeat That?

The extremely small, complex devices used in procedures to restore hearing loss require high-precision, tight-tolerance production. This company has found the right combination of machine tool technology and quality assurance to make it work.

Unique Business Coincides With Unique Customers

Using Rollomatic grinding machines, as well as other grinding machines, this company manufactures micro-cutting tools ranging in size from 0.0002 inch to 0.125 inch.


Boosting Machine Spindle Speed For Micromachining Applications

Small-diameter micromachining tools require very high rpm for sufficient cutting speed and material removal rates. This air spindle provides 80,000 rpm and an untethered compressed air interface to allow automatic changeovers using the machine's ATC.


Cutting With A 0.001-Inch End Mill

JPL’s Space Instrument Shop does this routinely, but it takes some special equipment and some unusual procedures. Above all, it takes patience.

The Laser’s Role In Micromachining Metals

A new laser technology combines the high machining accuracy and throughput required for precision, industrial micromachining work.