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Video: Micro Inspection at Matrix Tooling
Various inspection and measurement resources help a moldmaker produce tooling for tiny molded parts.

Hard Milling Isn’t Just High Speed Machining
Milling complex forms in hardened tool steel involves more than just fast, light cuts, says this maker of medical-related injection molds. Here are some of the ingredients of an effective hard milling process.

Thread Milling On A Tiny Scale
Machining internal threads in difficult materials is challenging, especially when hole diameters are small. Thread milling offers advantages for these applications that are important to consider.

Video: Faster Micro-Finishes for Micromachining
 Smooth finish comes from balanced cutting parameters, as this video explains.

Video: Drilling 0.020-Inch Holes In Stainless Steel Aerospace Part
 This footage on a small drilling machining also includes machining with full-size tools in the same cycle.

Video: Linear Motor Micromachining Center
Video shows the smooth, quiet, rapid motion characteristic of effective micromilling.

Threading A Horizontal Wire EDM
A wire EDM machine designed for micromachining uses negative air pressure to thread the fine wire.

Electrode Loading for Fine-Hole EDM
The Makino EDFH1 is a fine-hole EDM machine capable of machining holes as small as 10 microns in diameter using a 6-micron-diameter electrode. One user of this machine is Hummingbird Precision Machine in Lacey, Washington. This video taken at Hummin...

50-Micron Milled Channels
Video captured with a microscope shows that a full-scale machining center is capable of micro-size milling work.

Micro-Turned and Micro-Milled Workpiece
Video captured with a microscope shows micromachined part.