Leveraging Little Holes To Lure Additional Work

Not many contract shops can drill a 0.001-inch hole. This one can, and it uses its micro-hole-making capabilities to attract more 'traditional' machining work from its customers.

Laser & Waterjet

New Lasers Are Mainstreaming Micro-Machining

Technical demands from the electronic, medical, aerospace and other industries are pushing the boundaries of micro-machining to smaller and more precise tolerances. The application of laser technology is pacing the demands from industry for smaller geometries and increasingly tighter specifications.

Micro Milling At 1/2 Million RPM

Researchers aim to develop a spindle that accounts for the differences between macro and micro machining.
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Choosing Advanced Tooling For Swiss Machining

The right tools for Swiss machines can boost throughput and improve the quality of finished parts. For example, switching from brazed carbide parting tools to more wear resistant coated carbide inserts with sharper edges reduced cycle time on an automotive fluid connector from 11 seconds to just 5 seconds.


Non-Traditional Methods For Making Small Holes

Consider these alternatives when conventional drilling can't do the job.