Video: Micro Inspection at Matrix Tooling

Various inspection and measurement resources help a moldmaker produce tooling for tiny molded parts.

An Alternate Micromachining Process for Composites

This process combines sandblasting and photolithography to enable fast machining of multiple, accurate features into composites.
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The Smaller Side of Technology

Working in the manufacturing field, I find that my personal conversations with friends and family often lead to the amazing technology I see on a regular basis.

Cutting Tools

How Micromachining Patience Speeds Prototype Production

A molder of tiny, silicone components for the medical industry explains how a patient, conservative approach to micromachining enables it to deliver prototypes faster.

Tooling up for Micromachining

Choosing the right tools and matching them to the correct operations and process techniques for micromachining applications is critical to success in this burgeoning market.

Checklist for the Serious Startup Shop

Are you starting a CNC job shop? Go over this equipment checklist before you begin.

Micromachining and Flat-Screen TVs

A Pennsylvania shop has benefitted by developing an effective micromachining strategy for hard tooling components. Learn more about this as well as the interesting incentive program it’s implemented.


Beyond Milling or Grinding

Ultrasonic machining opens new possibilities for NASA engineers using previously unmachinable materials.


Micromachining Powder Metal on a VMC

By refining its micromachining process for powder metal tool steels, this shop has reduced production costs, lead times and secondary bench work for complex tooling components.

How Do You Equip a Startup Micromachining Shop?

A response to a reader’s question includes a checklist for launching a small shop focused on micromachining.