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Published: 8/16/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools -- Introduction
(Advertorial) Cutting tool technology is evolving rapidly to respond to changing demands and more challenging workpiece materials. Shops today need to look at cutting tools differently. They need to look at cutting tool suppliers differently as well...

Published: 8/13/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools - Rule #3: Diamond Shouldn't Be Rare
(Advertorial) Consider PCD or CBN wherever capacity is tight.

Published: 8/13/2008

How To Machine Composites, Part 3 -- Milling Composites
Diamond shines for this shop when it mills composites.

Published: 8/11/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools: Rule #5: Consider the Cutting Tool at the Start
(Advertorial) Are you specifying the right machine? You can’t know until you know what tools you will use.

Published: 8/10/2008

Could The Highest Price Cutter Be The Least Expensive?
An evaluation of different cutting tool technologies for machining carbon fiber reinforced plastics

Published: 2/27/2008

Swiss-Type Machines: More Than Just A Lathe
CNC Swiss-Type machines have more capability built in than ever before. Many of these capabilites can be accessed using attachments that increase the throughput of the machine tool, improve the quality of the work coming off the machine and reduce o...

Published: 1/1/2008

Challenges In Cutting CGI
Compacted graphite iron is increasingly used for diesel and racing engine components. The choice of cutting tool can dictate how effective shops are able to machine this challenging material.

Published: 1/1/2008

High Speed Machining ... Without The Speed
Axial chip thinning is often associated with high speed machining, but this shop uses the same effect to increase metal removal rate with a standard-size end mill run on a moderate-speed machine.

Published: 9/18/2007

Use Only The Carbide Needed
The cost of APT, a key ingredient in tungsten carbide cutting tools, has skyrocketed. In response to this situation and quick-change demands from its customers, Ingersoll Cutting Tools offers a modular line of solid carbide cutting tips that attach ...

Published: 9/4/2007

High Speed Machining Without The Fast Spindle
Relying on axial chip thinning lets a larger-diameter tool realize some of the benefits of high speed machining even if the machine's spindle speed is low.