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Published: 11/11/2008

A New Spin On Parts Collection
How do you manage the parts your bar-fed lathe creates overnight? An indexing collection device can serve as an effective means to safely collect precision components.

Published: 11/11/2008

Automation For Chucked Parts
A free-standing parts loading system allows automated material delivery and parts storage so a chucker can run unattended for long stretches of time.

Published: 11/11/2008

One Tool, Two Turning Functions
A combination bar puller and cutoff tool is an inexpensive way to enable short stretches of unattended turning while saving a turret position.

Published: 9/17/2008

Programming A Robot The Way You Program A CNC Machine Tool
Programming a robot with the same CAM software used for a multi-axis machine tool makes it unnecessary to “teach” the robot by jogging it manually from point to point and recording these point-to-point moves as the robot’s motion commands. Robotmast...

Published: 8/8/2008

Automated From The Start
Turning automation helps this shop produce parts more efficiently.

Published: 6/21/2008

Compact Handling Facility Sticks To Basics
Shops consider a number of factors when justifying automated parts storage systems, including cost, required floor space and machining application.

Published: 5/29/2008

Lending A Hand To The Machining Center
This coolant-operated gripper loads in the spindle like a toolholder, allowing the machining center to lift and move its own workpieces.

Published: 4/13/2008

Using Twin-Table Machines To Maximize Spindle Uptime
By integrating twin-table, bridge-style machining centers, this shop virtually eliminates spindle downtime during job chang-eovers. An operator can safely set up a new job on a table located outside the machine's workzone while the machine mills a w...

Published: 3/2/2008

The Returns On Automation
Machine tool automation, particularly grinding machine automation, offers various returns on investment. Different shops notice different advantages, and sometimes shops overlook important benefits when they are deciding whether to automate.

Published: 3/1/2008

Bar Feeders And Workpiece Surface Finish
Quality surface finish of a part is not only dependent on the turning machine itself, but also on the barstock loading and support system. The bar feed system becomes critical to the surface finish outcome by enabling the turning machine to create t...