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Published: 4/1/2000

CNC Robotics And Automation: Knowing When To Say 'When'
In metalworking, a shop's move from one level of automation to the next can be a business-busting decision if badly timed. This article looks at what you should consider when taking the next step toward automating an operation.

Published: 2/15/1999

Robots Join EDM and Graphite Mill for Fast Mold Production
An EDM plus a robot makes a dynamic duo. A graphite mill plus a robot makes another. Put them all together in one shop and you have a radical new way to speed mold production.

Published: 11/15/1998

It's A Machine Tool Robot
This machine has a dual identity. It looks like an industrial robot. In some applications, such as assembly, it is. However, put a spindle and cutting tool on the end of this five-axis machine and it becomes a machining and drilling center. The inhe...

Published: 9/1/1997

Low Cost Turning Automation Yields A High Rate Of Return
Two CNC lathes, with live tooling, tool monitor, and auto-load short-bar bar feeders are helping this California manufacturer compete. They've seen impressive reductions in throughput time and manufacturing costs. And, they're just getting started.

Published: 7/1/1997

High Automation for Low Volume
Many people think flexible machining cells are for high production, but this shop finds just the opposite. Here's how they've grown their cell to meet the needs of their work.

Published: 2/1/1996

Automated Wire EDM In Action
  From the ground up, this new shop was built around the concept of fully automated, fully palletized wire EDM.

Published: 10/1/1995

Robotic Laser System Helps Build Better Bikes
Robotic laser cutting system reduces five step manual cutting process to two steps. Immediate benefits of the robotic laser cutting system are cleaner cuts, consistent parts and reduced labor.