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Published: 9/20/2010

The Many Sides of Workholding
Here's a broad look at different ways to approach workholding based upon the requirements of the application.

Published: 3/17/2010

Robotic Automation's Challenges, Solutions and Benefits
This article looks at considerations for implementing robotic automation.

Published: 1/22/2010

A Company's Road to Lights-Out
Consolidation is usually about companies. However, this Illinois shop has found that consolidating turning spindles from eight stand-alone lathes into a single CNC multi- spindle, then running it lights-out is the way to go.

Published: 1/18/2010

Grippers are a Workhandling Concept to Grasp
The cost of machine operation can be expensive, especially when machines must be manned all day long. In our current slow and unpredictable economy, many shops are looking at ways to reduce manpower and increase efficiency by automating their proces...

Published: 11/10/2009

The Responsiveness Robot
For this lean shop dedicated to low-inventory kanban relationships with customers, the most critical measure of efficiency revealed the value of robotic loading.

Published: 7/23/2009

Integrated Solutions for Chip Removal and Fluid Filtration
Shops can easily view chips simply as waste, hardly giving a second thought to the disposal process and the potential related savings. By keeping an eye on the waste and choosing the most efficient methods of chip disposal, a shop can easily add to ...

Published: 5/12/2009

Automation On Demand
A workpiece gripper that installs in a machine tool's spindle enables the machine to serve as its own robot.

Published: 1/26/2009

In-Machine Robot Provides Gantry System Alternative
Fortune International offers its VT series lathes with an integrated robot in place of a tailstock, a configuration that is said to significantly reduce part-changeover time compared with an external gantry robot.

Published: 12/22/2008

Tool Grinding Capability Key To Medical Success
 Making toold for surgeons is critical to the succesful use of orthedic implants. This Indiana shop succeeds because of its dedication to quality and application of the right machine tools for the job.

Published: 11/19/2008

Rotary Parts Accumulator
This rotary collection device allows safe parts accumulation from untended bar-fed lathes. It is programmed to index with each part produced, collecting parts without allowing them to collide with one another.