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3D Vision System Enables Robotic Bin-Picking Automation
Position and orientation data gathered by a 3D vision system enables this robot to remove parts randomly located in a bin.

High Speed Air Spindle Example 3: Robotic Deburring
Using an air spindle, this Fanuc robot is able to deburr castings with irregular flash.

Video: In-Process Scanning of a Turned Profile—via Robot
A robot reaching into a lathe measures along the entire part length in seconds, determining whether additional machining is needed.

The Right Fit Is In The Fixtures
Custom engineered workholding fixtures are key to the effectiveness of an unusual Automated Production System (APS) recently installed at Kurt Manufacturing. It helps that one of this company’s specialties is custom engineered workholding fixt...

A Significant Cell
Manual loading of heavy housings was this manufacturer’s prime bottleneck. It had limited experience with automated cells, but decided to install a big one. A look at the manufacturer’s $13 million cell reveals an intriguing layout and b...

The Automation Inspiration
Although automated manufacturing cells typically consist of standard products such as CNC machine tools, robots, pallets and cell control software, almost all of these systems rely on inventive concepts developed for the particular application. Thes...

Video: Parts Gripper Allows Machine To Act As Its Own Robot
This footage shows a workpiece gripper that enables a machine to load and unload workpieces on its own.