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Published: 6/17/2010

Automated Chip Processing Meets Demanding Goals
Forward thinking manufacturers know they need to optimize every aspect of their manufacturing operations in order to survive and prosper.

Published: 2/19/2010

Fixtures Facilitate Transfer Line Automation
Replacing fixtures in an automated transfer line with robot-integrated models from Kurt Manufacturing helped this tier one automotive manufacturer eliminate issues with part distortion and expand production.

Published: 1/18/2010

Automatic Pallet System Helps Pick Up The Pace
Racecar drivers need high-performance components to win races, but manufacturing those components requires speed, too. An automated pallet changer helped this shop boost production not only for its auto customers, but also for customers in aerospace...

Published: 12/19/2008

Robotic Cell Locks In Time, Cost Savings
Having implemented robotic systems in the sheet metal side of its business, this Nevada-based shop wanted to obtain similar automation systems for its CNC machining operations. The Fanuc JobShop Cell from Methods Machine Tools has reduced both costs...

Published: 10/14/2008

Automation Helps Move To High-Volume Production
This tool manufacturer had to automate its processes after switching from low-volume special orders to high-volume production runs. Since implementing Tsudakoma tilting rotary tables along with robotics and a pallet conveyor, the shop has increased ...

Published: 12/19/2007

Flexible Automation Process Helps Shop Reduce Costs
Despite hitting production goals, this shop had trouble meeting customer cost targets. It needed further automation. After purchasing Fanuc robots to service its flexible manufacturing system (FMS), the company has reduced costs enough to pay back i...

Published: 12/22/2006

Ingenuity Wins New Business
To find new business, often all a shop needs is management with experience in other areas of the industry and a little ingenuity. For more than 50 years, Acro-Feed Industries was solely a designer and builder of automatic bar and shaped bar feeding ...

Published: 2/27/2004

The Benefits of Tool Monitoring
With millions of manufacturing jobs going overseas to cheap labor countries, companies today are struggling to keep part costs competitive. The machining industry has had to look for various ways to reduce the cost of the parts being machined. One o...

Published: 1/15/2002

Automatic Pallet Systems Increase Production And Quality
These pallet changer systems not only improved this tooling manufacturer's labor situation, but they managed to increase their production as much as 600 percent on some of its indexable cutting tool products.

Published: 5/15/2001

Manufacturing Cell Boosts Profits And Flexibility
One machine shop owner in old New England, not far from where Paul Revere made his famous ride, saw a tight labor market as a call to revolutionize his company.