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Published: 1/15/2002

Automatic Pallet Systems Increase Production And Quality
These pallet changer systems not only improved this tooling manufacturer's labor situation, but they managed to increase their production as much as 600 percent on some of its indexable cutting tool products.

Published: 5/15/2001

Manufacturing Cell Boosts Profits And Flexibility
One machine shop owner in old New England, not far from where Paul Revere made his famous ride, saw a tight labor market as a call to revolutionize his company.

Published: 3/15/2001

Grinding Cell Yields Automatic Rewards
Sheffield, United Kingdom-based tool manufacturer Universal Drilling and Cutting Equipment (UDCE) manufactures a wide range of products for the engineering, fabrication and construction industries, including electro-magnetic drilling systems, broach...

Published: 5/15/2000

Manufacturer Takes Innovative Approach To Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Thousands of contract manufacturing shops across North America that produce commodity parts such as shafts, arbors, bearing races, gear splines, and so on, have one problem in common: how to do it faster and less expensively.

Published: 10/15/1999

Flexible Unattended Machining Helps Improve Part Quality And More
In its desire to use new methods, the shop looked for a product that would increase tool life, improve part quality and decrease changeover time. It found the One-Touch flexible manufacturing system (FMS) from Okuma and became the first to own one.

Published: 9/15/1998

Flexible Automation Takes Over Piston Machining
This manufacturer of power garden equipment implemented a flexible transfer line and found it cost significantly less than one third the price of a traditional line.

Published: 3/15/1998

Arizona Manufacturer Finds Night And Weekends No Problem For Automated EDM
A Mitsubishi VX10 working in conjunction with a System 3R Workman Robot routinely operates unattended from Friday afternoon until Monday morning for this Arizona manufacturer.