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Published: 11/2/2009

Quick Change for Screw Machines
New quick-change dovetail form toolholders bring lean operations at a lean price.

Published: 7/24/2009

How Do You Get The Cutting Parameters Right For Small End Mills?
A reader recently asked about speed, feed rate and depth of cut when using small tools in steel.

Published: 7/24/2009

Using Small End Mills In Steel Without Breaking
A reader wants to mill with small tools on a straightforward VMC used for full-sized work. MMS Online’s micromachining expert offers advice.

Published: 7/6/2009

Reducing Thrust Loads During Rigid Tapping
Some amount of synchronization error is inevitable with rigid tapping. By allowing just a slight amount of axial movement to compensate for synchronous errors, this tapping holder is said to reduce thrust load by as much as 90 percent.

Published: 5/21/2009

How Do You Machine a 30:1 Hole in Stainless Without the Drill Wandering?
An expert in micromachining says one answer is to check various aspects of the drilling process. Another answer is not to use a drill at all.

Published: 5/15/2009

The Knob Problem
The retention knob is an unmistakably critical component of the machining process. However, the tightening of the knob itself can lead to the toolholder not seating securely in the machine. You may be losing tool life to knob tightness without even ...

Published: 4/6/2009

Too Small To Touch
Hummingbird takes on machining work that is too small for most shops to handle. In fact, Hummingbird tries not to handle it either. To accurately machine the tiniest parts, this shop relies on processes that are as hands-off as possible.

Published: 3/4/2009

Modular Tooling System for Multi-Spindle Automatics
A modular tooling system for multi-spindle automatics is available, including the latest models for Davenport machines. Besides being more rigid than dovetail form tools, the modular system allows for much faster tool changes, the company says. Th...

Published: 3/4/2009

Microbore Collets for High Clamping Force
The powRgrip PG system uses a toolholder and collet to generate a high clamping force while still maintaining a TIR of less than 0. 0001". The company says it takes less than 10 seconds to press in a tool or remove it from the holder.

Published: 3/4/2009

Addition to Toolholder Line
Groove n’ Turn toolholders offer a new holder available in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and 1" diameters. It has a 1. 250" minimum bore and holds inserts with cutting depths to 0.