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Published: 1/21/2009

Quick-Change Systems Save Time And Manpower
In a world where faster production rates mean more profits, shops strive to find the quickest way to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality. One way to do this is to convert to quick-change workholding and tooling systems.

Published: 12/10/2008

Lathe Toolholder Allows Quick Insert Changes
This lathe toolholder allows insert changes in a matter of seconds with the push of a button. Its cam-actuated lever provides a uniform insert clamping pressure of 8,000 psi.

Published: 8/11/2008

The New Rules of Cutting Tools: Rule #5: Consider the Cutting Tool at the Start
(Advertorial) Are you specifying the right machine? You can’t know until you know what tools you will use.

Published: 7/26/2008

Precision Boring In Precision ER Collet Holders
In the past 20 years or so, the ER-style collet holder has become a de facto standard for retaining round-shank type tooling in milling and machining center applications. A precision boring system can now be included in the range of tooling c...

Published: 6/21/2008

Collet System Keeps Cool Under Pressure
Coolant-through tooling is becoming increasingly popular as manufacturers continue to search for new ways to maintain the tight tolerances, high accuracies and smooth surface finishes required for many of today’s jobs. While coolant-through spindle...

Published: 5/29/2008

Measuring Taper For Toolholders And Spindle Applications
Companies concerned about strict quality requirements regularly check toolholder tapers for wear or inaccuracy because these conditions can jeopardize the results of a critical operation. However, a shop can check tapers quickly and reliably with ai...

Published: 3/1/2008

Shop Sticks With Stick Tooling
Who says we can’t be competitive on simple parts? The secret for making it happen at one Connecticut shop is the combination of modern CNC Swiss-type machines and good old-fashioned “stick” tooling.

Published: 2/27/2008

Swiss-Type Machines: More Than Just A Lathe
CNC Swiss-Type machines have more capability built in than ever before. Many of these capabilites can be accessed using attachments that increase the throughput of the machine tool, improve the quality of the work coming off the machine and reduce o...

Published: 7/16/2007

Improved Indexable Insert Stability
Sandvik Coromant will introduce its iLock at the September EMO exposition in Germany as a way of improving indexable insert stablility when cutting metal.  

Published: 6/6/2007

Get A (Tight) Grip
High toolholder gripping torque reduces the likelihood that a tool will slip within a toolholder during a cutting operation. A mechanical toolholder design provides a very high gripping torque via a worm gear that compresses a shallow-taper collet t...