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Published: 7/1/1996

Thermal Contraction Holds Tools Steady
When all is said and done, the intersection of a cutting tool and a workpiece is the point of metalworking. All process planning, employee training, capital investment and a host of other activities are links in a chain that lead to removing metal ...

Published: 5/1/1996

Five Key Concepts Of Modular, Quick-Change Tooling
A tooling system consisting of interchangeable cutting units and standardized locking units has a lot to offer users of CNC machines, whether for turning, milling, or both on a turn mill. These guidelines will help you think clearly about how modula...

Published: 1/1/1996

Choosing Toolholders For Your Machining Center
How the toolholders for your machining center are manufactured. Toolholder geometry, size and surface finish all have an effect on the cutting accuracy.