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Published: 4/17/2014

Quick-Change Can Equal Quick Savings
Quick-change systems minimize the hassle of the tool change, cutting the process from several minutes to mere seconds. Shortened tool change time means more cutting time on the machine and increased productivity.

Published: 3/14/2013

Life Outside of PMTS
Although a bit preoccupied with PMTS lately, we've still managed to keep up with our other editorial duties. I toured the expanded Rego-Fix facility in Switzerland.

Published: 11/23/2010

Offset-Style Swiss Toolholders Clear Up Clearance Issues
It’s no secret a Swiss-type machine’s tooling zone is a busy place where space utilization is critical.

Published: 5/12/2009

Technology Hits the Road
As a strategy to assist in its tradeshow follow-up efforts, this company has put a demonstration vehicle on the road to bring its technology to prospective customers.

Published: 4/1/1999

Inspecting Tapers, Part 2: Toolholder Gaging
A few months ago, we discussed the calibration of conical taper masters, which are used to master taper gages. Now let's look at the parts those gages are used to inspect—toolholders.