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Published: 4/27/2020

Seco Expands JETI Technology for General ISO Turning
Seco Tools has expanded its Jetstream Tooling Integrated (JETI) technology with a range of toolholders for general ISO turning.

Published: 4/6/2020

Seco QC Modular Toolholder Simplifies Swiss-Type Machining
Modular toolholder system for manufacturers seeking to improve productivity with Swiss-type machining. 

Published: 3/13/2020

Seco's QC Toolholder Increases Swiss-Type Insert Indexing Efficiency
Seco’s modular QC (Quick-Change) toolholders for Swiss-type machining is designed to enable fast, easy and repeatable insert indexing and tool changes.

Published: 2/14/2020

Schunk's Tendo Slim 4ax Now Available with Coolant-Through
Schunk now offers a version of its Tendo Slim 4ax with Cool-Flow coolant-through technology. 

Published: 1/8/2020

Microcentric's Alloy Collet Chuck is a Low-Maintenance Machining Option
The collet chuck features a pullback design with a floating collet seat and incorporates a mounting in the ID of the chuck body for centers or other types of locators. The floating collet seat design, with the vulcanized quick-change collets, enable...

Published: 12/26/2019

Emuge Expands FPC Chuck Line with Slim Models
Emuge has expanded its line of FPC Milling/ Drilling Chucks products to include Slim Line models that are designed to enhance five-axis machining productivity and versatility.

Published: 12/24/2019

Big Kaiser Offers Chip Blower for Cleaning Parts and Tables
  Big Kaiser’s Chip Blower is designed to make removing chips and coolant from parts and machine tables fast and easy, the company says.  The Chip Blower automates in-machine cleaning of coolant and chips by delivering high-vol...

Published: 12/23/2019

Big Kaiser Expands BBT30 Toolholder Offering
Big Kaiser has added inch standard sizes for the U.S. market to the production of its Big-Plus BBT30 basic arbors (shell mill holders, end mill holders, shrink fit and blanks).

Published: 11/4/2019

Emuge's Slim Line Chucks Bring Versatility to 5-Axis Milling
Emuge says its FPC chucks provide improved rigidity, vibration dampening, concentricity, machining speed and tool life.

Published: 10/28/2019

Schwanog Expands its Line of Escomatic Machines
Escomatic machines have holders for left and right-hand applications.