PowRgrip Clamping System Ensures Long Tool Life

Rego-Fix’s PowRgrip clamping system is comprised of PG toolholders and clamping collets for use in a manual or automatic mini-press that may match or exceed the clamping forces of shrink-fit holders.


How Intelligent Clamping Technology Can Contribute to Process-Flow Optimization

Germany’s Metav 2018 trade fair presented various hands-on solutions in regard to Industry 4.0, automation, digitalization and data-driven manufacturing. One topic that stood out was intelligent clamping technology with integrated measurement capabilities to generate data to optimize machining processes.


Haimer to Host Open House at North American Headquarters

The event will include speakers, demonstrations and technologies based around the theme of “Explore Industry 4.0.”

Clean Spindles Increase Productivity and Reduce Breakdowns

Although CNC spindle maintenance is often overlooked due to the perception that it is a dirty and boring job, according to JM Performance Products Inc. a clean spindle is essential to avoid premature wear, repair downtime and CNC machine breakdown.


Big Kaiser to Host Breakfast-and-Learn Event

The three-day event will include breakfast, technical presentations and tours of the company’s showroom.

Preci-Flex Modular Tooling Systems Have Compact Design

Exsys Tool Inc.’s Preci-Flex modular tooling systems include toolholders that match the processing speed of optional 10,000-rpm machine spindles to boost productivity and achieve surface finishes.


Super-Slim Toolholder Enables Deep Clearance

Big Kaiser has released the HDC Straight Shank slim toolholder, designed to reach into confined areas.


Modular Tooling for Use in Mazak Turning Centers

Exsys Tool Inc. has expanded its line of Preci-Flex modular tooling systems to include a 10,000-rpm, 1:1 ratio rotary tool for Mazak Quick Turn and QTU-series turning centers.


Threading Shank Holders Deliver High-Pressure Coolant to Cutting Edge

Seco Tools introduces Jetstream Tooling high-pressure coolant technology for threading shank holders.

Precision Thread Chaser Holders Support Vibration Dampening

Seco Tools’ precision thread chaser holders support Steadyline vibration damping bars and Capto tooling with carbide-pin locating systems, pocket seat surface patterns and high-pressure coolant delivery.