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Top Shops “Hall of Fame” Workpieces
For Modern Machine Shop’s IMTS 2016 booth, our magazine asked former winners of our Top Shops benchmarking survey to machine their company logos for us to display in a sort of “hall of fame” area.

Top Shops 2013: JD Machine
Benchmarking is important to our 2013 Business Strategy Honors Program winner.

Top Shops 2013: WSI Industries
Our Shopfloor Practices Honors Program winner for 2013 thoughtfully considers the best shopfloor practices to support its advanced machining capabilities.

Top Shops 2012: Premier Machining Industries
PMI uses advanced ERP software for real-time monitoring of production flow.

Top Shops 2012: L&H Industrial
L&H Industrial has a wealth of advanced large-scale machining and manufacturing capabilities.

Top Shops 2012: Southern Machine Works
A lot of the changes this shop made were a result of integrating a CPA mindset into a contract shop environment.

Top Shops 2012: L&P Machine Products
Here are five key elements of this quality contract shop.

Top Shops 2011: Millat Industries
This shop invests in advanced CNC machines, CAD/CAM packages, CMM inspection systems and robotics to keep its value-added services cost effective for its customers.

Top Shops 2011: Air Flow Research
One of our 2011 Top Shops, this manufacturer of high-performance cylinder heads has a long history of applying five-axis machining to create complex internal features.

Top Shops 2011: Bley LLC
Bley eyes large-scale machining work.