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Published: 7/12/2019

Will I See You at the Top Shops Conference?
Next month’s event will present advanced machining and business concepts you can implement in your shop soon after returning home. Plus, I’ll make it worth your while to bring someone else with you.

Published: 2/27/2019

Want to Present at the 2019 Top Shops Conference? Now Is Your Chance
Presentations for the Top Shops Conference should focus on subjects relating to new technology, concepts and strategies for operating a successful job shop.

Published: 2/13/2019

Time’s Almost Up to Take the 2019 Top Shops Benchmarking Survey
The ninth annual Top Shops online benchmarking survey ends on February 28. There is still time to take advantage of this opportunity to learn how your operation stacks up against leading U.S. machine shops.

Published: 1/28/2019

Take the Top Shops Online Benchmarking Survey
This year marks the ninth edition of Modern Machine Shop’s annual benchmarking program. A “Top Shop” is the group that represents the top 20 percent of shops based on points assigned to select survey questions in each of the f...

Published: 1/1/2019

Top Three Questions about the Top Shops Benchmarking Program
Our ninth annual Top Shops online benchmarking survey is now live. Here I answer three common questions I receive about it.

Published: 9/12/2018

Where You Focus Determines What You Do In Your CNC Machine Shop
Recent discussions with representatives from four successful shops revealed that their purchasing and strategic business decisions are largely shaped by the needs of their customers and employees.

Published: 9/5/2018

Top Shops Winners Talk Technology, Tactics
Successful machining businesses implement effective processes and strategies both on the shop floor and in the front office. Recent chats with representatives from this year’s award-winning Top Shops shed light on some approaches they have lev...

Published: 8/18/2018

Why the Top Shops Workshop at IMTS Will Be Worth Your While
Our Top Shops workshop at IMTS will highlight processes and practices that successful shops are using to grow their machining businesses and become more profitable.

Published: 4/4/2018

What Is the Next Big Thing for Your Shop? Three Top Shops Winners Reply
All their replies pointed to automation. One also sees additive manufacturing. Watch video from the Top Shops Conference.

Published: 3/1/2018

Collaboration with Other Shops Helps with Finding High-Value Machining Work
In a Maryland manufacturing co-op, the allied businesses sell one another’s services and support one another. The co-op even enables direct competitors to cooperate, as described in this video from the Top Shops Conference.