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Published: 9/17/2009

Leadership Skills Also Characterize A Champion
The WorldSkills Competition is a biennial event in which students compete with their international peers in occupational trades. This year, the team from the United States entered in both the CNC turning and CNC milling categories. Includes VIDEO.

Published: 9/4/2009

When Trained Personnel Fail To Retain
The failure to retain what has been taught isn’t an aptitude problem, but an accountability problem.

Published: 9/4/2009

Certifying Experienced Employees
When implementing a new training program, how do you certify experienced employees without wounding their pride?

Published: 8/24/2009

Determine Passivation of Stainless
Properly cleaned stainless steel is naturally protected from corrosion by a thin, passive film. But this passive layer can be removed or scratched. A passivation meter measures the surface potential under controlled conditions.

Published: 8/20/2009

Don't Chase Variability with CAM
A recent study showed that mechanical SuperTuning of a moderately priced CNC machine could dramatically improve volumetric positioning accuracy.

Published: 8/12/2009

Focus On Knowledge, Not Just Skills
"Knowledge" is the context that equips an employee to respond to new challenges.

Published: 7/23/2009

Integrated Solutions for Chip Removal and Fluid Filtration
Shops can easily view chips simply as waste, hardly giving a second thought to the disposal process and the potential related savings. By keeping an eye on the waste and choosing the most efficient methods of chip disposal, a shop can easily add to ...

Published: 7/10/2009

Moving Forward In Order To Stay Put
This job shop’s commitment to lean allows its business to grow while it remains in the facility where it has to stay.

Published: 7/2/2009

If You Want to Improve Something, Measure It
This shop involves all of its employees in the daily exercise of analyzing just where time is being spent.

Published: 5/15/2009

The Knob Problem
The retention knob is an unmistakably critical component of the machining process. However, the tightening of the knob itself can lead to the toolholder not seating securely in the machine. You may be losing tool life to knob tightness without even ...