Turning Machines

Training Lathe Enables Switching between Eight CNC Systems

The Concept Turn 60 from Emco Maier is a high-performance, PC-controlled, two-axis CNC turning machine designed to be ideal for industrial training.

Retired Machinists in a Contingency Staffing Role?

Temporary hiring of retired machinists can enable shops to quickly and easily change capacity when business ebbs and flows.


Logical Reasoning Is a Critical Skill

Sound reasoning is a skill. Training and practice are needed, but even a few lessons in logic can help.

Lean Manufacturing Begins With Layout, Commitment

Sustainably streamlining production of a varied mix of low-volume work depends not only on a strategy tailored for job shops, but also on human drive and enthusiasm.
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Skills Training Strengthens Shops, Communities

A poverty-fighting nonprofit serves regional manufacturers as both a pipeline of fresh recruits and an incubator of existing talent.


Hiring, Training and Supporting the Workforce in School and on the Job

Virginia’s Rolls-Royce Crosspointe plant shares its strategies for attracting, hiring and supporting its workers, while Danville Community College excels with its integrated machining education model.

Video: Are You a Top Shop?

If you are or if you aspire to be a top shop, come to our conference September 5-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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A Common Workforce Problem That We Share

The challenges we face finding writing editors are similar to those you face finding skilled machinists and machine operators.

Commitment to STE(A)M

Collaborative efforts among business, government and education can help to ignite more effective learning opportunities that contribute to the more qualified workforce that manufacturing is striving to develop.

Identifying and Overcoming Skill Vulnerabilities in Staffing

This shop tracks cross-training as a performance metric. Management sees how many employees are fully capable of running each different type of machine tool. The data have helped the shop improve in this area, particularly since employees see the very same data as well.