A Lesson Often Missed

If math and science are presented in ways that make sense, the challenges can be exciting instead of tedious. Problem solving becomes fun instead of an exercise of memorization.

Is “Why Bother?” the Most Urgent Question of Our Time?

This is a question that should bother us a great deal, because how individuals answer it affects the rest of society.


Job Shop’s Peg System Simplifies CMM Inspection

A work positioning device deals with job variety while still allowing less experienced employees to inspect parts on their own.

Cutting Tools

Manufacturing News of Note: March 2017

Siemens launches a workforce development program, a new capacity-sharing platform gets funded by GE and other industry news.

Cutting Tools

Tool Mfr. Commits to Marketing-Free Product Training Seminars

Responding to feedback from its customers, Dapra Corp. changed its seminar model to focus less on marketing, and more on technical training.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Data from a Machine-Monitoring System Can Help Human Resource Management

Advanced Machining used FactoryWiz from Refresh Your Memory Inc. to go from simply buying more equipment when facing production constraints to becoming more efficient with machine monitoring.


Siemens Launches Workforce Development Program

The program revolves around Sinutrain, a PC-based CNC simulation system that enables instruction in CNC programming for milling and turning.

Who’s Your CTO?

Every manufacturing company needs a leader to promote technological progress.

Titan Launches Machining Tutorial Website

“Titans of CNC Academy” provides free access to tutorial videos on topics ranging from modeling and programming to vise setup to the philosophy of faster cutting.

Teaming Up in the Swiss Shop

This company capitalizes on employee empowerment and creativity to strengthen the work environment, improve production numbers and exceed customer expectations.