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Published: 3/8/2013

The Job Shop’s Other Website
A machining business typically has a website to promote itself to prospective customers. But how do you market to prospective employees?

Published: 3/6/2013

Advanced Metrology on Tour
A series of user group seminars and micro-shows this spring and summer will allow visitors to see and interact with the latest measurement and quality control technology.

Published: 2/11/2013

Webinar Makes a Compelling Case for MTConnect
MTConnect is an industry standard that specifies a protocol for data communication between machine tools and other manufacturing equipment or systems. Mazak is an early adopter of MTConnect and a strong proponent of its benefits to improve overall e...

Published: 2/6/2013

Robot Mayhem Returns to Indy
Indianapolis will once again host mayhem in the ring when student-designed robot gladiators collide at the 2013 National Robotics League (NRL) Championships.

Published: 12/26/2012

Can You Set Yourself up for Good Luck?
It’s possible to position yourself for encountering good luck more frequently.

Published: 11/14/2012

Mold Shop Cures the “Curse of Knowledge”
How do you transfer knowledge from skilled employees to apprentices? Here’s how one shop did it using a Facebook-like sharing system.

Published: 10/16/2012

Device for Manufacturing Students Made by Manufacturing Students
An online, game-like welding simulator helps students get a hands-on look at a career in welding. The interesting thing about this simulator is that student manufacturers helped make the device.

Published: 10/7/2012

Control Maker Certifies Education Institutions
FANUC FA America is now offering a Certified Education CNC Training Program.

Published: 8/6/2012

Rethinking Safety Incentives
Judy Agnew and Aubrey Daniels critique common safety practices and give advice for improvement.

Published: 5/10/2012

Expanding Without Adding Staff
This news story is perhaps a sign of the times. This manufacturer expanded the size and capacity of its facility, but struggled to expand its workforce.