Orderfox Collaborates with CNC Jobs Inc. to Launch Career Center

The Career Center is meant to increase the ability of companies to find qualified people to fill vacant positions within their companies.

The Case for Consistency

Why do manufacturers ask their employees to work within defined systems? Here's why consistency matters.
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Verisurf Develops Inspection Package for Faster NIMS Certification

The NIMS Precision Part Inspection (PPI) package was developed to support the National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) certification testing process.

Focusing on Workforce Development: 10 Stories You Need to See

The moment of decision is coming for many: automate or find skilled workers? For many the challenge of engaging workers is worth the time and effort. These stories are worth your time, too. 

How Manufacturers Beyond Machining Are Addressing the Skills Challenge

The need for talent in manufacturing is a challenge extending beyond just machining, and manufacturers in other sectors are finding solutions that machine shops might be able to learn from.

Tool Increases Understanding Between Employers, Employees

By decreasing the traits in their employees’ “blind spots,” employers can decrease unproductive behaviors.

Additive Manufacturing

What Is it Like to Study Additive Manufacturing?

This article and video series filmed at Penn State University illustrate what the school's first master’s students in AM are learning, and how they’ll apply it to advance 3D printing.

A Place in Manufacturing Should Be Earned, Not Given

How do your children fit into your succession plan?
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Video: Emotional Intelligence in Action at Westminster Tool

A companion to the recent Modern Machine Shop cover story on a moldmaker’s commitment to emotional intelligence, here is a look at the culture change at this shop through the words and perspectives of team members.


For This Mold Shop, the Key to Closing the Skills Gap is Emotional Intelligence

Thanks to a culture change founded on a commitment to emotional intelligence, this mold supplier solved its skilled labor problem and increased throughput per employee.