The Education Gap

Academic institutions have a responsibility to provide a comprehensive education to students, making them employable.
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Trumpf Expands Training Facilities

With the addition of 18,000 square feet, the company can now host some 6,000 trainees per year. 

It’s Still All About the Process

Processes are the foundation of manufacturing businesses. Take the time to review your processes for relevancy and fix those that do not meet requirements.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Machine Monitoring Both Challenges and Benefits Shop Culture

How does a shop deal with the “Big Brother” feeling that comes from implementing machine tool data collection? Part of the answer is the benefit to employee experience that this data collection will make possible. Watch video from the Top Shops Conference.
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Radio Ad Succeeds for Shop Seeking Staff: Five New Hires This Year

MRS Machining says a side benefit of the advertisement is visibility and recognition. Most who made contact were unaware of the shop before the ad ran.


Manufacturing News of Note: February 2018

CT scanning for mid-size metal castings, funding secured for an Apprentice Academy in Virginia, and more industry news.

Turning Machines

Why Tie Payroll Hours to Machine Tool Hours?

J&R Machine uses machine-monitoring data not just to track machine uptime, but also to create a financial index that helps it shape decisions related to equipment, processes, staffing, sales and business in general.

Building Relationships in Emerging Markets

Parts for products in emerging markets can offer higher profit margins than those for legacy applications. The key is to get in tight with the product development engineers in those emerging markets.


Senator Visits Niagara Gear to Discuss Employee Stock Ownership

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand will use what she learned at the plant to support legislation encouraging employee stock ownership in the country.
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Plante Moran, Reshoring Initiative Seek Survey Participants

Responses will provide insight on policy changes to motivate reshoring, and findings will be shared with respondents as well as U.S. government officials.