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Published: 9/18/2007

Protecting Capital Equipment
"The Atam," as this shop refers to the device, is designed to perform machine diagnostics and real-time, in-process tool action monitoring. The process analyzer from Atam Systems (New Albany, Ohio) is a relatively simple tool.

Published: 5/4/2007

Minimizing Part Setup With Five-Axis Technology
More unattended machining was one of the benefits of this shop's move from four-axis to five-axis machines.

Published: 4/17/2007

Is Your Order Book Telling You To Consider Activity-Based Costing?
Activity-Based Costing (ABC) is often mentioned in conversations between shop owners, but it seems to be an idea that most shops never get around to fully investigating. There are many benefits to performing even a short-term ABC project, but costs ...

Published: 3/19/2007

Three Divisions Under One Shop Management Program
Instead of buying multiple software packages to perform the distinctly different functions of its three separate divisions, Mt. Vernon Machine & Tool Inc. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) selected just one package.

Published: 1/24/2007

Vises Facilitate Swift Change-Overs, Reduce Errors
Syron Engineering & Manufacturing is a 28-year-old company specializing in the design and manufacture of tooling and sensors for industrial automation. One of the company's main fields of activity is the development of equipment to transfer shee...

Published: 12/21/2006

Gear Manufacturer Gains Efficiency With Tool Management System
When producing a large number of complex, high-value-added parts, processes are continually examined and optimized, and this influences the style and numbers of cutting tools that are used each day. Avon Gear Company (Rochester Hills, Michigan) know...

Published: 12/1/2006

Corporate Support Maximizes Students’ Experience
An example of a positive technical school/corporate relationship is that of the Ferris State University (FSU) Manufacturing Tooling Technology program (Big Rapids, Michigan) and Hurco Companies, Inc. (Indianapolis, Indiana).

Published: 4/18/2006

Training Youth In Manufacturing Keeps Industry Growing
As U.S. and overseas manufacturing become more competitive, it's critical not only for manufacturers, but for school districts and technical colleges in the States, to focus on producing and maintaining a strong labor pool. Producing employees and s...

Published: 2/27/2004

The Benefits of Tool Monitoring
With millions of manufacturing jobs going overseas to cheap labor countries, companies today are struggling to keep part costs competitive. The machining industry has had to look for various ways to reduce the cost of the parts being machined. One o...

Published: 2/1/2002

Company Reduces Inventory And Costs With New Software
The Aerospace Group of Parker Hannifin Corporation, located in Irvine, California, is a leader in the development, design, manufacture and service of control systems and components for aerospace and related high technology markets.