High-Speed Spindles For Swiss Turning

The company has added a 20-mm and 22-mm-diameter model to its Micro line of high-speed spindles for Swiss turning. Right-hand spindles are also available. These spindles eliminate secondary operations for Swiss-type lathes.

Thread Mills, Single Point and Port Tools, and More

The company offers hundreds of new tools among its thread mill, specialty end mill, boring bar, threading tool, grooving tool and port tool product lines. Tools include corner rounding end mills with three flutes, double ended; solid carbide engraving tools in a variety of angles and sizes; and mini-boring bars with diameters ranging from 0. 015" to 0.

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10 Considerations When Using Grooving Tools

The dynamics of chip formation and evacuation make grooving in turning operations unique in almost every way. Innovative insert designs and coatings can improve your grooving operation, but to be completely successful, there are some other things you should know.

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Multitasking Tools Cut More Than Grooves

Once, grooving tools were only thought of for making grooves or cutting off the part. Improved designs, materials and coatings make them perfect sense as all-purpose tools under the right conditions.

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Lathe Toolholder Allows Quick Insert Changes

This lathe toolholder allows insert changes in a matter of seconds with the push of a button. Its cam-actuated lever provides a uniform insert clamping pressure of 8,000 psi.

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Small Face-Grooving And Turning Tools

Iscar says that the Mincut family of small-face grooving and turning tools is designed for high machining rates, and it is suited for applications prone to high tool failure rates. The tools incorporate a special design and clamping system that is said to prolong tool life. The line of tools includes eight inserts that are screw-clamped into a long pocket in the tool bar.

Commitment To Quality

Increased demands for quality have led tooling manufacturers in a new direction.

Best Of Both Worlds

The proven advantages of wiper technology for indexible insert cutting tools continue to evolve. This article looks at some of them.

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Chipbreaker For Steel Turning

Seco Tools offers its MR6 chipbreaker optimized for peak performance in the medium-rough turning of steels. The chipbreaker’s main advantage is the open and highly positive design coupled with the company’s Duratomic coated grades, allowing for the use of higher cutting speeds when compared to traditionally designed chipbreakers, the company says. The chipbreaker generates low cutting forces within the main cutting area allowing high cutting speed, depth of cut and feed, which increase machine utilization and productivity for the customer.

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Hard Turn Without Leaving Feed Marks

Hard turning can reduce, and in some cases eliminate, finish grinding operations. Because it is a single-point turning process, however, it will produce feed marks on a part’s surface no matter how much the feed rate is reduced. This may be tolerable for non-finish-critical diameters, but is unacceptable for shaft