Turning Tools

Spinning Turning Tool Offers Alternative To Single-Point Cutters

CAM developer DP Technology recently performed a successful test cut of a new cutting tool for turning applications that is designed to reduce vibration and heat buildup. The company's CAM software package, Esprit, now contains an add-on for programming the new tool. Developed jointly by machine tool builder Mori

From Virtual To Reality

 This article tells how a shop used infomation available on the Web to solve a tough production problem on its shop floor.

Turning Tools

The New Rules of Cutting Tools -- Introduction

(Advertorial) Cutting tool technology is evolving rapidly to respond to changing demands and more challenging workpiece materials. Shops today need to look at cutting tools differently. They need to look at cutting tool suppliers differently as well.


The New Rules of Cutting Tools -- Rule #1: Do More With Your Machine

 (Advertorial) The tooling has the potential to transform the process.
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Turning Tools

Productivity Packages For Toolroom Lathes

Dorian Tool’s 12-page brochure features productivity packages specifically designed for Hass programmable toolrool lathe (TL-1, 2, 3, 3W, 3B, 4 and HPCL) owners, offering tooling from prototyping to high-production applications. The brochure features standard (SDN) and through-coolant (Victory) toolpost kits for bo


Turning The Tough Stuff

One of this aerospace shop’s many specialties is producing ring-shaped parts that are thin-walled, complex, tightly toleranced and made of difficult-to-machine materials such as Inconel, titanium or high-temperature alloys. Turning jet engine parts doesn’t get much tougher than this.
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Turning Tools

The New Rules of Cutting Tools: Rule #5: Consider the Cutting Tool at the Start

(Advertorial) Are you specifying the right machine? You can’t know until you know what tools you will use.

Shop Sticks With Stick Tooling

Who says we can’t be competitive on simple parts? The secret for making it happen at one Connecticut shop is the combination of modern CNC Swiss-type machines and good old-fashioned “stick” tooling.