Turning Tools

Cermets Get Assertive

The toughness of this material has improved. Today, the applications for cermet inserts go well beyond finishing.


Making A Flexible Machine Tool More Flexible

Multitasking cutting tools can maximize the flexibility of multitasking machines.

Turning Tools

Upgrade Your Cutting Tool Mindset

A handful of timely observations may boost the productivity of your thinking about cutting tools.

Coolant-Through Turning Toolholders Deliver Increased Performance And Tool Life

It should be obvious to anyone who has ever washed a driveway or patio with a garden hose: For the best results, you must keep the stream of water precisely where it's needed. The same principle applies to delivering coolant to the cutting zone.


Machining Under The Microscope

Sandia National Laboratories experiments with turning and milling tools just 10 and 20 microns in size.

Turning Tools

Lathe Toolholders For Turning Away

Think 'unattended machining,' and the image in your mind is probably complex - that is, some machining process that relies on automation more than the typical machining process does. But does going unattended have to involve this complexity? Instead of requiring automation, allowing the operator to step away from the machine tool might just be a matter of addressing the sources of worry that keep that operator engaged.

Turning Tools

Hard Turning Might Not Be As Hard As You Think

Turning hardened materials to grinding-like accuracies takes the right combination of part, machine and process parameters.


Applying Turn-Milling

Combining a rotating tool with rotating work produces a machining operation that is distinct from standard turning or milling.

Turning Tools

The Technology Of Lean Machining

This plant makes different choices for its machining cells depending on whether the parts to be machined there are known or unknown.
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Choosing Advanced Tooling For Swiss Machining

The right tools for Swiss machines can boost throughput and improve the quality of finished parts. For example, switching from brazed carbide parting tools to more wear resistant coated carbide inserts with sharper edges reduced cycle time on an automotive fluid connector from 11 seconds to just 5 seconds.