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Published: 7/3/2018

VMC Tackles Tough Materials, Complex Forms
IMTS 2018: The Mikron Mill P 500 U VMC from GF Machining Solutions offers powerful material removal capabilities, high stiffness, precision and good part surface finish.

Published: 7/3/2018

Compact Machines Capable of Varied Applications
IMTS 2018: Yamazen Inc. will exhibit eight of Brother International Corp.’s machines from its Compact Machining Center Speedio product line.

Published: 7/2/2018

Machinery Dedicated to Connecting Rod Production
IMTS 2018: Alfing Corp. offers AKS equipment for connecting rod processing, including fracture splitting machines and assembly machines.

Published: 6/29/2018

Five-Axis Series Targets Tooling, Optics
IMTS 2018: Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.’s Vertex Hybrid G series of five-axis VMCs (models 55-5X, 75-5X and 100-5X) offer lights-out milling and grinding of die and mold, optical, and tooling components.

Published: 6/28/2018

Toolroom Mill Makes Machining Easy
IMTS 2018: Full manual operation and other features reportedly make Fryer Machine Systems’ MB series of toolroom bed mills easy to use for anyone. 

Published: 6/27/2018

Space-Saving Five-Axis Machine Cuts Large Parts
IMTS 2018: DMG MORI’s two XXL machines, the DMU 200 gantry and DMU 340 gantry, are designed for large-part applications.

Published: 6/27/2018

Milling/Drilling/Tapping Center Combines Speed, Rigidity
IMTS 2018: The GenMill T-500 from Ganesh Industries features a 12,000-rpm spindle that can tap at 6,000 rpm. 

Published: 6/26/2018

Bridge Mills Machine Massive Parts
IMTS 2018: Available from Absolute Machine Tools, the Johnford DMC LH series of double-column, moving-table bridge mills are designed for the largest machined parts. 

Published: 6/25/2018

Double-Column Machines Combine Speed, Stability
IMTS 2018: Hurco adds two new offerings to its BXi series of double-column machining centers for the die/mold and aerospace industries.   

Published: 6/22/2018

Machine Options Boost Productivity, Tool Life
IMTS 2018: Soraluce offers a range of value added capabilities for its milling, boring and vertical turning machines.