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Published: 12/1/2017

VMC Helps Maker of Rowing Shells in Race to Bring Boats to Market
Outsourcing molds to make a new boat would’ve been expensive and slow, so Hudson Boat Works acquired a Datron MLCube VMC capable of machining large molds in house to get its new product to market three years ahead of schedule. 

Published: 11/1/2017

Large-Parts Manufacturer Wins Big with Vertical Bridge Mill
Napoleon Machine required new equipment to compete in large-parts machining. Toyoda’s LB63324M vertical bridge mill with right-angle head increased quoted job wins from 6 to 52 percent. 

Published: 10/19/2017

Shop/Supplier Relationship is Critical to Success
A quartet of CNC machines supplied by T W Ward CNC Machinery Ltd. play a key role in enabling Cosmopolitan Engineering to consistently be a supplier of parts of all sizes and in all metals, including tool steels and titanium, for more than...

Published: 10/2/2017

Machines with Rotary Tables Increase Productivity While Maintaining Quality
Lie-Neilson Toolworks needed to increase throughput while maintaining quality. Ten FV-2 vertical machining centers, three TR210 rotary tables and an ST-20 turning center with bar feeders from Haas has resulted in a 10- to 15-percent i...

Published: 8/1/2017

Milling Machine’s CNC Leaves a Mark
When the prototyping process wasn't able to keep pace with creativity, installing a Heidenhain CNC on this manufacturer's Webb milling machine enabled faster machining, prototyping for this tattoo-machine developer.

Published: 8/1/2017

Measuring Components Help Job Shop Triple Capacity
Magnolia Tooling's older, less-accurate machines required time-consuming manual setup procedures. Purchasing new machines from Makino and accessories from Blum-Novotest streamlined setup and optimized production.

Published: 8/1/2017

Overcoming Toolholder Deformation with High-Torque Retention Knobs
At Hansen Engineering Co., toolholder expansion reduced spindle contact, causing a variety of production issues. High-torque retention knobs from JM Performance Products increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Published: 3/1/2017

Shop Management System Streamlines Aerospace Production
For Sealth Aero Marine, jobs were hard to track and production information was hard to access. ProShop, from Adion Systems made these processes easier and improved sales and on-time deliveries.

Published: 11/1/2016

Automotive Manufacturer Grows through Automation
Gil-Mar Manufacturing met growing application demands on their average machines by partnering with Methods Machine Tools to automate and integrate them.

Published: 4/1/2016

Honing Expertise Provides Winning Finish for Pro Stock Engines
Elite Performance needed to produce a rounder, straighter bore to increase engine performance. Sunnen's SV-20 machine and multi-stone diamond abrasives provided greater honing control, flexibility and repeatability.