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Published: 6/25/2018

Five-Axis Workholding System Increases Setup Accuracy
IMTS 2018: Carr Lane’s CL5 five-axis workholding system features faster, more accurate fixturing setups. 

Published: 6/25/2018

Clamping System Automates Workholding, Speeds Change-Over
IMTS 2018: Techni-Grip Workholding is featuring its quick-change clamping system, Techni-Grip 2.0.

Published: 6/25/2018

Dovetail Vise Enables Mounting without Added Subplate
IMTS: Advanced Machine & Engineering’s centering dovetail vise (CDV) enables on-center mounting, between-center mounting, T-slot mounting, and bridgeport mounting without the need for an additional subplate for tombstone mou...

Published: 6/25/2018

Fixturing System Promotes Accuracy in Locating, Locking
IMTS 2018: 5th Axis is displaying its RL52 RockLock quick-change fixturing system with 52-mm pull stud spacing.

Published: 6/22/2018

Bex8 Machining Block Spindle Handles High-Speed Operations
Suhner Industrial Products Corp.’s Bex8 is a smaller version of the Suhner Bex15 that features the ability to mount directly onto robotic arms for fully automated machining operations in high-speed, high-production departments.

Published: 6/20/2018

System Simplifies Workholding for Grid Plates, Tombstones
IMTS 2018: The Mitee-Bite Loc-Down system is designed for quick and simple securing of parts from small to large in size. 

Published: 6/18/2018

Reversible Welding Table Plates Designed for Longevity
IMTS 2018: Strong Hand Tools has developed reversible BuildPro welding table plates meant to last twice the lifetime of the table.

Published: 6/14/2018

Chuck Jaws Now Available in 6061 Aluminum
Dillon’s full grip jaws, machined from 6061 extruded aluminum, provide added options for full grip jaw customers who have traditionally used cast aluminum jaws.

Published: 6/2/2018

 KZF-S Collet Chuck Enables Lights-Out Manufacturing
Röhm’s KZF-S collet chuck is a powered external clamping chuck for gear surface face grinding.

Published: 5/21/2018

Clamping System's Lock-Down Force Prevents Vibration
Kurt Manufacturing Co.’s pneumatic Zero-Point clamping system runs on existing shop air supply.