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Published: 5/20/2018

Duro-NCSE Power Chuck Reduces Lathe Setup Times
Röhm Products of America’s Duro-NCSE power chuck incorporates jaws that are designed to unlock individually for easy handling/change-over and fast setup.

Published: 5/16/2018

Clamping Line Accommodates Large Aerospace Parts
The Schunk Vero-S Aviation product line clamps large parts accurately, enables the parts to be moved, and establishes data points through four modules.

Published: 5/8/2018

Duro-T Manual Quick-Change Lathe Chuck Reduces Job Setups
Röhm’s Duro-T manual quick-change lathe chuck has a design that features a stiff chuck body while a tangentially arranged operating screw enables quick reversal, exchange or relocation of the chuck jaws over the entire gripping range...

Published: 5/7/2018

Systec Pneumatic Power Chucks Feature Cast Clamp Times
Lexair’s Systec self contained pneumatic power chuck features fast clamp and unclamp times, the bodies are steel that has been hardened to a 62 HRC and precision ground and internal safety valves prevent the loss of air pressure...

Published: 5/4/2018

Rota NCR Six-Jaw Chuck Distributes Clamp Force
Schunk’s six-jaw Rota NCR chuck can be used for thin-walled or deformation-sensitive parts. Rough castings or rings can be centered with minimal distortion to the workpiece. 

Published: 4/27/2018

Reusable Master Jaws Reduce Setup Time
Kurt’s DoveLock master jaws are designed to be installed in replacement of standard cap screw jaws for quick-change capabilities. 

Published: 4/27/2018

Vise Features Ultra-Low Profile Clamping with TG GrigSert
Fixtureworks’s Kurt DX6 CrossOver vise, with TG GripSert jaws and gripper inserts, provides improved bearing pack, all-directional alignment and a reduction in jaw lift and features a lighter weight nut and a new brush seal design.

Published: 4/20/2018

Stationary Collet Workholding Components Group Together
Lexair Inc. can custom design and build turnkey solutions for any workholding application.

Published: 4/13/2018

Jaws Increase Efficiency in Finish Machining
The jaw design of Schunk’s UVB-HS soft chuck jaws provides efficient gripping for lathe workholding. 

Published: 4/13/2018

Line of Workholding for Automotive Machining
Kitagawa NorthTech has released a line of custom-engineered automotive industry workholding solutions.