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Published: 5/1/2017

Rotary-Table Technology Improves Machining Repeatability
Pequot Tool & Manufacturing's imprecise rotary table positioning caused chatter and inaccurate machining. PL Lehmann's single-spindle rotary tables from Exsys/Eppinger provided repeatable rotary table positioning, consistent part tolerances and surf...

Published: 2/21/2017

Precision Workholding Keeps Quality High for Gun Manufacturer
Keeping up with the latest and best processes is important for any shop, even one that produces a product that has been manufactured since the Industrial Revolution.

Published: 12/1/2016

New Workholding Setup Enable Lights-Out Production
For Idex Health and Science, manufacturing glass components was time-consuming on a VMC. Switching to an HMC with a Cluster Tower vise with DoveLock jaws from Kurt Manufacturing enabled more stable, lights-out machining.

Published: 7/1/2015

3D-Printed Tooling Speeds Manufacturing of Cutting Tools
Knight Carbide's insert delivery times had to wait on custom tooling, so they acquired a Mojo desktop 3D printer from Stratasys make their own. Lead times for insert carriers were shortened from weeks to just six hours.

Published: 3/31/2015

New Jaws Speed Change-Over for Short-Run Jobs
This shop found that a quick-change jaw system reduced 80-minute change-over times to just 8 minutes.

Published: 3/26/2015

Desktop 3D Printer as Job Shop Resource
The low-cost 3D printer in this shop supports machining by simplifying prototyping and producing usable hardware—including vise jaws.

Published: 2/1/2015

Vise within a Vise System Enables Economical Five-Axis Machining
A unique vise-within-a-vise system using Kurt workholding enables Peterson Machining Inc. to cost effectively use five-axis manufacturing for complex parts.

Published: 1/1/2015

Custom Clamping Concept Optimizes Multitasking
To get the most potential out of its multitasking machine, Trumpf uses a detailed custom clamping concept from Schunk.

Published: 1/1/2015

Trunnion Table Helps VMC Fill Utility Role for Shop
Learn how a trunnion table brought horizontal versatility to a vertical machining center for custom pump production at Vertiflo Pump.

Published: 4/16/2014

Clamping System Reduces Machining Time and Setup
The staff at Rodriquez GmbH in Eschweiler, Luxembourg (Germany), has been relying on a Hermle C40 milling machine equipped with the Hainbuch Quadrok Plus clamping system for the manufacturing of linear technology components.