Video: Free Kit for Hosting a Manufacturing Day Event

The Edge Factor has produced a turnkey package with media and interactive resources to help companies create an exciting event showcasing manufacturing.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

Mastercam and Edge Factor Develop Three Free Career Programs

Mastercam will sponsor three of Edge Factor’s free 2021 Experiences, which aim to highlight the benefits of a manufacturing career to students and job seekers.
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Edge Factor Partners with Haas Automation to Film Virtual Field Trip, Career Profile Videos

The videos are part of the media team’s broader STEM education efforts.

“LaunchPoint” Premieres

A new series from Edge Factor explores how manufacturing professionals were "launched" into their careers.

Refueling Manufacturing Through Storytelling

New media company Edge Factor is partnering with Purdue University and industry leaders to produce educational materials based on episodes of its shows.
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Reality Redesigned: The Gauntlet

Nine design submissions are proceeding through “The Gauntlet” in The Edge Factor’s “Reality Redesigned” contest.
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Innovate Faster with In-House Manufacturing

"The Edge Factor's" tour of judges recently visited Cane Creek Cycling Components to discuss the company's decision to bring previously outsourced machining work back in-house.

“Reality Redesigned” Visits Solidworks

Watch the first episode of "Reality Redesigned" presented by "The Edge Factor Show."