Five Traits Define Top Performers in Five-Axis Machining

Benchmarking data reveal how elite manufacturers make the most of more axes of motion.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

Prototyping is the Path from Tooling to Production Work

As a new owner takes over a tooling shop, he must balance the company’s foundation with his goal of expanding the shop’s capacity to also take on production work.

Honesty and Humility in Leadership

Authenticity and an open culture are companies’ best defenses against crises, and can help them emerge from crises stronger than when they started.  
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Continuous Improvement Requires Continuous Effort

So-called “busywork” hones natural instincts for reform as a specialist CNC machine shop adapts a more formalized methodology.

Made in the USA: A New Podcast from Modern Machine Shop

The podcast series explores the current state of American manufacturing.

New Horizons with a New Horizontal Machining Center

A sudden surge in orders for a part used in COVID diagnostic equipment forced CBM Industries to quickly adapt to its first horizontal machining center, including the challenges of fixturing and lights-out machining.

Mitee-Bite Fixtures Facilitate Large-Part Vertical Machining

Mitee-Bite Products’ fixtures demonstrated their powerful clamping support in a project with Akron Gear & Engineering to vertically hold a 1-ton ring during machining.

Shifting from On-Machine to Offline Programming

In the midst of learning to program its CNC milling machines offline and the promise of using that experience to transfer more work to its Swiss-type lathe, an Ohio job shop is changing its company culture and taking on more complex work.

What Makes Smart Robots Smart?

How manufacturing technology “thinks,” and the extent to which it should, are critical considerations in applying artificial intelligence intelligently.