Lean Manufacturing

  The principles of lean apply to CNC machining. Here are tips from authorities on lean, as well as the stories of machining facilities that have made a lean transformation.  
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Inventory Storage, Distribution and Control Systems Boost Lean Mfg. Efforts

Computerized, point-of-use storage and dispensing systems help this shop target waste that is difficult to measure and often labor-intensive to eliminate.


Improvement Is Not Optional

No matter how busy this shop gets, it continues to pull teams of employees out of production so they can focus on solving problems to make incremental process changes. The advances add up. Today, this is a very different shop than it once was.

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Tips to Lean on for Becoming Lean

Lean manufacturing is the goal every shop strives to achieve. But unlike earning a diploma or completing a marathon, it is not a one-time success story.

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