The Three Pillars of Reliable Machine Shop Productivity

This shop looks for a systematic convergence of three disciplines in production management.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

Air Casters Keep Shop Floors Damage-Free

Using air casters from AeroGo helps machine tool manufacturer AgieCharmilles, a division of GF Machining Solutions, move equipment around its showroom without denting or scratching its new epoxy floor.
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How To Audit Your Machine Shop Improvements

Here are a few practical approaches for auditing your manufacturing initiatives.

Continuous Improvement Must Be Continuous

It’s easy to do the work to improve your facility and then want to sit back to see how things go. Unfortunately, this leads to complacency, which is hard to overcome.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Lean Manufacturing

For as long as lean manufacturing concepts have been around, there are some who still do not understand what lean is and why it’s an important part of a continuous-improvement strategy.

10 Lean Manufacturing Ideas for Machine Shops

In addition to the right mix of traditional strategies, a new lean manufacturing toolkit can make high-mix, low-volume machining faster, more predictable and less expensive.
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5S in a Box

Based on this shop’s experience, industrial vending systems and lockers can help kick-start and sustain lean manufacturing initiatives.

Lean No Less Important

Lean manufacturing shouldn’t become lost in the shuffle of today’s emerging part-production technologies, strategies and approaches.

What Does Lean Actually Mean?

It's important to make sure your employees are on the same page if you are considering a move to lean. Watch this presentation by BlueSwarf CEO Greg Eckerman for an introduction to lean's core principles.

For Manufacturers, a Little Inventory is Healthy

It turns out that too much efficiency is inefficient.

What is Your Cost Model Costing You?

Our new expert in our Lean Machining Zone cautions manufacturers against using an activity-based costing method. This line of thinking makes it hard to justify needed improvements.

Setup Reduction Is Central to Lean Manufacturing

This shop cut average setup time nearly in half. Now small batches can move quickly through the production process, making the company more responsive to customer needs than ever before.
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