Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking fluids are the oil- and water-based liquids that facilitate turning, milling, drilling and grinding. These fluids are often lumped together under the general term "coolant," though many metalworking fluids do not primarily perform a cooling effect. Rather, the primary value of many metalworking fluids is to provide lubricity that extends cutting performance and tool life, and to assist in clearing chips out of the way of the cut. Metalworking fluid technology has advanced considerably in recent years, to the extent that finding just the right cutting fluid for a particular machining process can dramatically increase efficiency or productivity.

Answering Five Honing FAQs

Honing is typically performed to bring bores to a precise size or achieve a specific surface finish. Here, a leading honing equipment manufacturer answers a few commonly asked questions about this process.

How One CNC Machine Shop Embraced Through-Tool High-Pressure Coolant

Instead of flooding the cutting zone with coolant, Burr Oak Tool uses LNS ChipBlaster systems to better control coolant flow and pressure, improving tool life and productivity.

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Efficient Use of Metalworking Fluids

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