Step 2: Work The Channels

Step 2: Work The Channels It’s important for you to leave ‘breadcrumbs’ to your Website, from the places that your prospects and customers inhabit online. And for a contract manufacturer or job shop, that means locating the right ‘outposts’ that attract engineers, buyers and industrial sourcing professionals when they are engaged in research to find services like yours. Think of outposts as your ‘homes away from home.’ That means to participate in the conversations, listen & observe, and ensure the profiles for your business are complete & accurate. After all, these are often the ‘first impressions’ that your business will make on prospects. Boosting traffic to your Website isn’t the goal – sheer numbers won’t translate into meaningful traffic, leads & sales. Take the time to review these channels, determine which are best for your business (asking your customers what they use & where they go online is a great start), and work those channels to drive meaningful traffic to your Website. Work the Channels – Tactics Leads, Buyers & Prospects Tradeshows & Industry Events Online Manufacturing Marketplace Online Directories Paid Advertising Social Media Online Forums/Bulletin Boards    

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