Starrag Tech Days Highlight Turbine Technology Applications

A visit to Starrag headquarters in Roschacherberg, Switzerland during the company's 2018 technology days revealed new equipment, tools, technologies and machining strategies for turbine manufacturing. 
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Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

Horn Continues Growth Path

The company highlighted its facility expansions and new cutting tool technologies during a recent open house at its global headquarters in Tübingen, Germany.
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Okuma Hosts 400 at Annual Technology Showcase

The event’s theme focused on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Profiler Expected to Exceed 100 Cubic Inches per Minute in Titanium

Five-axis, five-spindle machine aims at reduced cost per piece for production of large aircraft components.
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What’s Best for Boring Titanium?

In a joint research effort, Kaiser Precision Tooling and Blaser Swisslube searched for a combination of metalworking fluid and indexable insert that show the best results when boring titanium. The results underscore the importance of controlling vibration, friction and heat.

10 Tips for Titanium

Simple process considerations can increase your productivity in milling titanium alloys.

Leveraging Laser Technology

Bruce Boone says laser technology enables him to make specialized rings from titanium and other materials that his competitors can’t offer.

Event Highlights Solutions for Aero Structural Parts

The thin walls and deep pockets common to structural aerospace parts make machining challenging. A recent event at Makino’s U.S. headquarters highlighted solutions for effectively machining such tricky aluminum and titanium components.

90 Cubic Inches Per Minute in Titanium

Mag says its XTi super profiler is designed to remove metal at impressive rates. Its first two machines are are being used for aerospace applications.
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Applying A High Speed Machining Discipline Without The Speed

In this shop, high speed machining makes sense at 4,000 rpm. While the disciplines the shop put in place made a new 15,000-rpm profiler dramatically more productive, high speed machining would have remained valuable even if the new machine never came. Acoording to a co-owner of this shop, high speed machining has no need for speed.
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Five-Axis Machining Has Special Workholding Needs

This clamping system allows a workpiece to be rigidly clamped while raised up from the surface of the worktable on a five-axis machining center. Moving the workpiece away from the table creates clearance for the spindle nose and cutting tool when the table swivels the workpiece for multi-sided machining, or when the spindle head rotates and swivels to do contouring or sculptured surfaces. Without this clearance, the user may be forced to refixture the part or to switch to a longer, less rigid tool.

Unattended Machining Makes Oral Orthotics More Affordable

This shop makes the oral devices that helped the shop owner and members of his family. Unattended machining is the key to making this therapy more accessible.