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Bold, Insightful Leadership Defines Manufacturer’s “DNA”

At its core, this highly successful contract manufacturer is a tool and die shop. Its founder, who has the heart and soul (and mind) of a tool maker, imbued his company with the values and the versatility of a tool room. This is his lasting legacy.

Want The Basics?

Are Employees Really Replaceable?

Although an individual might consider themselves to be replaceable, an organization should not see their employees that way.
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Has COVID-19 Made a Case for Automation? Taught Us About People Instead

Recently posted articles offer various pictures of machining automation. Also, goodbyes to two long-time writers for MMS: Wayne Chaneski and Derek Korn.
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Meet "Al"

“Al” could be anyone, working in any shop. But what sets Al apart is his embrace of change as a way of doing work and business. Are there Als in your shop?

The Manufacturing Process Is All About the People Who Make It Work

This month, we say goodbye to long-time Modern Machine Shop columnist Wayne Chaneski, who is retiring. Here is some of what he has helped me to see.

How to Practice Stage Two Thinking in Your Machine Shop

Responsible decision-making requires thinking beyond the initial benefits to consider how a change ripples throughout the machine shop’s operations and culture.
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Acquire to Hire: This New York Manufacturer Sees Buying Shops as the Best Way to Add Staff

Designatronics’ CEO says, “We can access a few million dollars more business” with each skilled machining employee who can perform complex setups and other sophisticated work from day one.
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Communication Clears Machine Monitoring's Morale Hurdles

When pen-and-paper methods of tracking job efficiency left AccuRounds’ engineers and managers in the dark, the shop switched to MachineMetrics. But machine monitoring brought morale challenges along with it. 
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Engineers and Manufacturers Invited to Take Part in Girl Day

DiscoverE encourages manufacturers to take part in Girl Day, a day for introducing school-aged girls to engineering careers through hands-on activities.

Does Your Machine Shop Need a Human Resources Professional?

Straton Industries employs a full-time HR person as part of its staff of 78. The owner now realizes the shop could have benefited from this help even when the staff was much smaller. Companies overlook the value and importance of this role.
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Helping New Engineers Understand Manufacturing

Priorities, processes and personnel are three things new engineers must understand about the shop floor.
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5 Things New CNC Operators Must Know

These subjects are the building blocks of training newcomers on a specific CNC machine tool.
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Ahaus Celebrates Apprenticeship Program's 40th Anniversary

Ahaus has invested in the training of nearly 100 apprentices in the past 40 years, with 43 of those apprentices graduating from the program with a post-secondary degree.

NIMS Announces CAM Credentials

The new credentials are based on standards developed in partnership with and sponsored by Autodesk.

News of Note: September 2019

A free workforce development event aims at young people and formerly incarcerated folks, NIMS launches new part inspection certification, and other industry news. 

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Hosts Free Workforce Development Event in Houston

The event was offered for free and was especially aimed at teenagers, adults and previously incarcerated persons.

Develop Your Company Playbook

Like a sports team, your company can also benefit from a written plan.
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News of Note: August 2019

A market development agreement on a new finishing process, a conference on quick-response manufacturing, new robotics training centers in the United States, and other industry news.

Rockford Systems Launches New Remote Safeguarding Assessment Service

The Remote Safeguarding Assessment service is available for machinists with basic cutting and turning machines, including drill presses, vertical mills, grinders, small lathes, saws, sanders and riveters.

Stay Positive Regarding Our Future Workforce

The future of machining relies on our success in attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.
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The Motivated Workforce

Whatever your approach is to establish a motivated workforce, the end result can benefit your organization and its leadership.

A Brainstorming Technique to Increase Manufacturing Employee Engagement

This technique works for just about any type of question for which independent and unbiased answers are sought.