Driving Continuous Improvement with a Quality-First Mindset

A continuous improvement, quality-first mindset can help shops improve upon key metrics — across all departments.
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Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

Two Generations of Lessons from the Shop Floor

There are many hard-won lessons that come from running a family-owned shop, here are a few favorites.
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Honesty and Humility in Leadership

Authenticity and an open culture are companies’ best defenses against crises, and can help them emerge from crises stronger than when they started.  
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Pick the Right Stock to Avoid a Bad Quote

Stock selection can have a big impact on a machine shop’s bottom line. When quoting a job, don’t fall into the trap of minimal material mentality.                    

Exploring Virtual Internships in Manufacturing

Allison Giddens of Win-Tech Inc. describes how she turned Win-Tech’s high school internship from COVID cancellation to virtual success.
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Make a List of Disruptive Events That You've Overcome

Running a machine shop has many ups and downs but extraordinary events like COVID-19 form memories that you can reference down the line. 

Solving the Education Gap

One way that shops can address the skills gap and the looming labor dilemma is to start making their own talent.
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Managing Generation Z in Manufacturing

The next generation of manufacturing employees have a solid work ethic and vast technical skills that provide value in the machine shop. 
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Why Is It Okay to Fire a Customer?

Standing up for your employees shows that your company values are more than just words on a wall.

A Sense of Purpose and Belonging: People Drive Company Growth

Tips for creating an employee-centric business. 
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Are Employees Really Replaceable?

Although an individual might consider themselves to be replaceable, an organization should not see their employees that way.
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When Sophisticated CNC Machine Tools Aren't the Best Answer

As a machine shop owner, challenges come every day. Sometimes, relying on the tools you’re used to can keep you from finding more beneficial solutions.

Machining: Trade or Technology?

The answer has to do with how people view the job. Maybe reframing machining as a technology could better reflect the exciting progress the trade has made over the decades. 
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4 Lessons To Learn Before Transitioning Ownership of Your Business

You owe it to your family, your employees and your customers to ensure that ownership changes in the future are prepared for well in advance. 

How to Practice Stage Two Thinking in Your Machine Shop

Responsible decision-making requires thinking beyond the initial benefits to consider how a change ripples throughout the machine shop’s operations and culture.
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